Publishing and self-publishing

We are publishing experts with many years experience and an extenstive network of contacts. We work by creating a team with the specific skills to suit your needs. Whether you are an established or new publisher, or author we are confident we can help you achieve your goals.

Everyone’s at it these days and the bestseller lists regularly include books which have been self-published. We have worked with a number of authors and what we offer is quite different from ‘vanity publishing’ and

If you have a book idea and want to self-publish with Vertigo, this is what you will get:

A great editor. We won’t just take your book (and your money), tell you you’re great and let you send your book to print. You’ll get the attention of a expert editor to work with you all the way so that your book is the very best it can be. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, the difference this makes is enormous.

A choice of book covers, and your input into the final design. We’ll get your cover designed, with your input. And when the designer presents their ideas, you’ll get to choose and discuss with us which is hte most suitable.

Transparent costing for all areas, from typesetting to printing. If we give you a quote for 1,000 copies and 2,000 copies but you decide you want 1,500 copies, we’ll get you another quote. We don’t add extra to print costs so you only pay what the printing costs. And you’ll never get a nasty financial surprise, all costs are known in advance so you can make informed choices.

Expert advice, on sales, marketing, e-books, distribution and more…

So, if you are a publisher needing help or an author with a book idea why not give us a call today on 020 7100 2523.