Dispute Resolution

Our fast and effective dispute resolution service can save you time, money and a great deal of agony.

In spite of best intentions, disputes happen. When matters go legal, costs rise and all sides become embedded and it’s often hard to know how to break the cycle, move to a resolution, and stop the costs escalating.

Vertigo founder Jenny Boyce is a qualified and experienced civil and commercial mediator accredited by one of the country’s leading providers – ADR Group. She is also a member of the Civil Mediation Council. Jenny can help you resolve all types of commercial and employment conflicts before a dispute becomes a costly burden to your company. In addition, Jenny is networked with a number of other leading mediators active in different specialist areas.

Vertigo offers a confidential mediation service for companies and individuals. During mediation, a professional, qualified neutral mediator helps the parties in the dispute find a resolution which is acceptable to all sides. No settlement is imposed on anyone and through mediation there is great flexibility to construct a truly meaningful settlement.

For workplace, employment, contract, and all other commercial issues, Vertigo can help you resolve a dispute at any stage, either before proceedings have started or after.

It’s never too early: good management and communications practices can help prevent disputes arising in the first place. Why not let us audit your communications and help you develop a top class business with engaged and happy employees and customers.

If you have an issue that you think might benefit from mediation, please call Jenny directly on 020 7100 2523 or 07974 404734 for an entirely confidential and informal chat.